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Barnett Websites offers a broad range of Services from brand identity to high-end design. Whether you need a logo, a web presence or just some online advertisement, Barnett Websites can meet your needs.


Why do I need a website… how can I make my website better? We offer FREE Consultations to inform you of the possibilities a Web presence can help you or your business.

Web site Design and Development

With our highly educated and experienced Professionals and continuing education of the latest Web-technologies, Barnett Websites can assist you in designing a high-end, fully functioning website from scratch or from building on your ideas. View our portfolio

We work closely with you to create graphics and organize your web site in a beautiful but meaningful layout. Perhaps you haven’t had the time or the money you think is necessary to get your Web presence out there. Barnett Websites can work with you and your schedule via email, telephone, or face to face.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Can you find your site on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other popular browser search engines? We can help with keywords and content specific to your Website’s demographics. Search Engines are constantly changing so your web optimizing methods need to advance as they do. We are partnered with SEO professionals to best fit your needs.

Logo Development

Your logo is most often the first impression clients perceive of you and your company. If you need to establish an identity to uniquely represent your business, contact Barnett Websites for a free consultation. View our portfolio


Need something more to spruce up your web site? Embedding Video is all the rage now. According to ComScore.com 12,086,273 videos were viewed over the Internet in May 2008. Put your advertising video or personal favorite online.

Flash animation splashed into your design can add the pizzazz that you are looking for. It’s not for everyone but done in moderation your search engine results will not suffer and your web site will have the personal touch you crave.  Contact us to see which demographics benefit from flash design. View our portfolio

Another choice is to portray an online photo gallery.  Share your company’s meetings, social gatherings, or personal pictures with friends and family. Worried about spammers? Require registration for your gallery and utilize password protection for even more security. View Photo Galleries


Blogs enable client and customer communication which creates an interactive web presence. Blogging keeps your content current with updated journals containing news, information, web links, opinions, or ideas. View our Blog

Web site Maintenance

Do you need help updating or adding to your current website? Updates are priority at Barnett Websites. If your information isn’t up to date, then your Website isn’t completely accurate. Contact Us for more details on how we can help you.

Web site Re-Design

If you have a Website that’s design is no longer "in-style", a re-design may be all you need. Sometimes just a few changes of CSS, adding some newer pictures, and updating text is all it takes. Let us review your site with you to recommend the necessary measures to make your Website "Shine like new" again.

Banner Ads / Print work

Need online advertising? We can help translate your brand into print or web advertising.

Have Questions? Need help with your company’s marketing efforts: Contact us today!

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Member of the Statesville Professional Networking Women

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